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  • unknown : 10/09/2012

    I would like to tell you how much we appreciate the tour that we get from your driver and now our good friend : Mr. Euginio. We took a private tour from Naples last August 2nd. It was for us an excursion from the ship Liberty of the seas of Royal Caribbean I want to advise you that he is a good driver, a gentlemen and we really appreciate all and everything for the entire day. Car was clean, he drove safely and we saw many beautiful places. Please let him know that we enjoy his presence and we (my wife and my daughter ) appreciate all the information and sights that we saw that day. We really enjoy the day and we kept good souvenir from him and the places. Hope that you will tell him our appreciation. Be sure that I will refer peole to your agency and also to RCI because we received good services. Euginio is a nice driver with all attentions for the customers.

  • H. A. : 10/09/2012

    Dear Sir/Madam I write to express my sincere thanks to your company and your representatives who met my wife and I at Rome Airport and transfered us to the Hotel Savoy on 28th August and the following day from the hotel to the port for the Azamara Quest cruise ship. The additional problems that I have is that because of health issues I need to use an electric mobility scooter to get around. Both my wife and I were incredibly impressed by what had been arranged for us by the use of a vehicle with a hydraulic lift and a ramp as personal transport. The two ladies from your company ( Alessandra and Edda) I spoke to were incredibly helpful and obliging, a credit to your company. I am writing to Azamara to thank them for their assistance and will advise them of the level of assistance we were given on our arrival in Rome by your company. Once again our sincere thanks.

  • Lynn : 10/09/2012

    Thank you so much for you and your wonderful staff assisting the C & L Supply group in such a professional and flawless manner! I heard now that the 8 guests who had AA 110 cancelled have arrived aboard the Mariner of the Seas and am so handful for your wonderful assistance and your staff! I left my business card with The Guest Service Representative who gave it to Boris. He is to contact me for a meeting in the next several days. Meanwhile, I hope you will accept my thanks and sincere accolades and I will contact you after my meeting with Boris. Warmest regards.

  • unknown : 29/08/2012

    It is with sincere and deep appreciation that we are writing you this letter of commendation on the subject of our recent experiences and positive interactions with your representatives aboard the Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship. The Italian tour operators present in the gangway intervened and, working on two cell phones, tried to call a taxi to drive us to the train station for a 6:40 connection to Roma Termini.

    However, they were unsuccessful as no taxi was available at that early hour (5:45 a.m.)...thanks to her praiseworthy and sensitive assistance, we were driven to the train station in a huge tour bus. Thankfully, through the staff aid and personal care, we were able to make our connections for our return trip to Canada.

    In closing, we would like to communicate to you once again how extremely appreciative we are for the intervention and kindness extended to us by your tour operators. We know that without their professional and courteous assistance, we would not have been able to disembark and make our travel connections in a timely manner. We have no hesitation whatsoever in giving them our highest recommendation possible for excellent service rendered. Sincerely.

  • unknown : 12/07/2012

    Hi there, just want to let you know I have received the camera I left on one
    of your tour buses in Naples (the Celebrity Equinox tour of Capri, Sorrento
    and Pompei). Please extend my heartfelt thanks to all those that
    ensured the return of my camera, I really didn't expect to see it again and
    was extremely upset at the loss of the photos we had taken. Its wonderful to
    know that honest people still exist and we are so happy to have spent time
    in Italy.


  • unknown : 12/07/2012

    Good evening Mathias and all Aloschibros,
    I would love to share with you the very good comment that I receive from Mrs. R., Mrs. R. is very happy with her tour today, she said that her tour guide was absolutely the best tour guide they ever had, very knowledgeable and professional, they want to thanks Mathias for put them on this bus as we requested and they are looking forward to come again.
    Kind Regards

  • J. D. : 25/11/2011

    Dear Sirs:
    My husband and twelve other family members took a vacation on Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas the week of October 8th. We visited the beautiful ports of Roma and Napoli. We took two RCCL tours which used your tour guides and busses. I would like for you to know that we were completely satisfied and greatly enjoyed your staff as well as the tours. We would like to compliment you on the cleanliness of your busses and the high skills and the smooth rides that your drivers provided. In Roma our guide Massimilliano and tour leader Alexander were excellent. They were funny and explained the days activities in great detail. Max took us through history with precision and a sense of what life was like during the Roman era. His knowledge of the Vatican and its history was simply amazing. When we toured Pompeii, Sorrento, and Capri, Luca was our tour guide. We were impressed with his ability to bring Roman history back to life for us in all of the three destinations that we visited on our tour. His knowledge was impressive and his presentation made it fun to hear . He succeeded in making history seem so real and not just words that we read in a book. We really enjoyed all of your staff and would like for you to let them know that they made our European experience memorable.

  • unknown : 24/11/2011

    Dear Valentina, Thanks for your time today to take me to the police and I do appreciate your arrangement in Rome and Florence. We all were very much excited to discover what Italy and Rome/Florence is in its history and present.

  • unknown : 03/11/2011


    We have received very good comments for Luca.
    Group 10 yesterday in Capri- Sorrento- Pompeii
    Luca was very informative and very well organized
    he is terrific and very knowledgeable
    great guide so Congratulations Luca! keep it up! and thank you for giving our guest a great experience in Naples, Italy!!!

  • unknown : 24/08/2011

    I wanted to extend the most sincerest thanks to you and your wonderful team, for all of your excellent assistance. The transfers to/from the ship were perfect, and we can't thank you enough for your kindness. You've every reason to be proud of your teams, as they are extremely professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and just exemplary representatives. The transfer to the ship was the perfect start to the amazing Celebrity experience, and the transfer to the airport - with all of the detailed assistance - was the perfect end.... Really, we are so appreciative!!!

  • Maggie : 13/07/2011

    Dear Alex, Special thanks to you and your team for providing stellar service to the distressed Azamara Club Cruises guests at the airport. It's reassuring to have a partner such as yourselves in Rome and Civitavecchia that are willing to provide our guests with this kind of special assistance and high level of service. Thank you for taking such good care of our valued guests.

    Thank you and have a great day!

    Warmest regards.

  • S. D. : 11/07/2011

    Dear Aloschi Bros., We want to give a big thanks to Mr. Omodea at the Rome airport. He was so kind and gracious to help us (a 71 year old couple) with our luggage last Friday. We came off the Azamara cruise and needed to find a flight to the US because we had been robbed and needed to change our plans to go home instead of staying on in Rome an extra week as planned. He talked to the ticket agent for us and was so very helpful. We could never have made the rearranged flight without him. I hope many of your employees are like him. We have never had such wonderful attention in any of our travels. Please let him know we appreciated his kindness.

  • L. and R. K. : 11/05/2011

    We want to THANK YOU for the wonderful tour of Rome on Saturday, May 7. We were with the group from the Silversea Silver Spirit. You were so wonderful; you gave us so much information in the limited time available. We loved the Basilica; go grand and full on beautiful sights. You guided us along, giving us just the right amount of information, and still kept us all together. So day, we will return to Italy to spend more time in several cities, and, of course, return to Rome. We will contact you to arrange a more detailed tour with you and maybe visit the catacombs of the Vatican. Again, THANK YOU for making our one day in Rome so great.

  • E. : 24/11/2010

    Good evening David Thank you to you and your team for assisting with the transfer arrangements for our group last Friday from the ship to Rome Airport. Your hard work is very much appreciated by all of us here, and we look forward to working with you again for next year!

  • J. : 23/11/2010

    Hello Antonella,
    Thank you for your kind e-mail. I sincerely hope this e-mail finds you and family well. I am sorry I did not have the opportunity to visit you in Sorrento/Naples this year but I would like to send my thanks to you and your team for yet another overwhelmingly success season. I heard many great comments about our tour programs offered from Sorrento/Naples and would like to congratulate you and your team on another job well done. Antonella, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and the entire Aloschi families much happiness during Christmastime. It is a very special time of year for families to celebrate together and hope yours is memorable. All the very best to you, your brothers and your father Nino.

  • I. : 22/11/2010

    Dear Friends, I would like to thank each one of you for a phenomenal service provided throughout the season. I speak for the entire ShoreX team. A special “thank you” to all of the guides you assign to our guests each call as well. We know a guide can make it or break it; they’re all winners. Our lives were so much easier onboard after departing Naples as we knew that from that point on, only compliments from tours you organized will be coming our way at the desk. Needless to say that with such service I can’t wait to be back one day. So this is not a “good bye” It is a “SEE YOU ALL LATER” Ciao

  • S. D. : 05/11/2010

    Dear Aloschi Bros.,
    We want to give a big thanks to your representative at the desk. He was so kind and gracious to help us (a 71 year old couple) with our luggage last Friday. We came off the Azamara cruise and needed to find a flight to the US because we had been robbed and needed to change our plans to go home instead of staying on in Rome an extra week as planned. He talked to the ticket agent for us and was so very helpful. We could never have made the rearranged flight without him. I hope many of your employees are like him. We have never had such wonderful attention in any of our travels.

    Please let him know we appreciated his kindness.

  • M. K. : 05/11/2010

    Alex, Flavio and Corrado,
    Once again many thanks to you for your generous and efficient help with regard my request. As usual your company has excelled itself in Customer Service and I thank you for helping us to enjoy some free time in your beautiful capital. Grazie mille!


  • W. S. : 11/10/2010

    I want to thank the employees of your tour company for all their help when I fell in the Vatican Museum on September 15. Daniella went to the hospital with me and was very professional, kind, and helpful. Christina was very kind to my wife, who continued on with the tour at my request. She kept telling my wife not to worry and everything would be all right. When Antonio took over for Daniella at the hospital, he cut through the medical red tape and did an excellent job with translation with the doctor. I also appreciate the help in getting a hotel room in Rome, getting to the train station, buying a train ticket to Naples, and being met in Naples and getting back to the ship. I want to commend you company on having such excellent employees. I am healing well. Please tell Daniella, Christina, and Antonio thank you again for me.

  • unknown : 11/10/2010

    He will my fist and top commedation. Very professional, results oriented, and willing to help. He made the difference to us by calling our independant transportation, who was one and a half hour late. We were at the meting point before 7:00 am for pick up. Mr Flavio called three time the service before we were pick up at 8:45am. We really appreciated his help. his inmmediate assistant was very helpful too, but she did not have the ability to made the phone call. Mr. F. was very diligent helping all "on your own / independant" passangers.